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Community Safety Awareness Project

The Community Safety Awareness Project (CSAP) has been endorsed by Toronto Chinese Business Association, Toronto Chinatown Community Development Association, Chinese Chamber of Commerce (East Toronto), and the Community Crime Awareness Association.

The project aims to work with the business and property owners in the downtown Chinatown in the Spadina & Dundas area and the east end Chinatown in the Broadview & Gerrard area. The goal of the project is to promote community safety and crime prevention through the installation of video surveillance on the street and in the stores on private property.

WHY The Need For The Project:

  • To promote community safety and the area as a safe place to shop and dine.
  • To promote Crime prevention.
  • To assist the Police in criminal investigations by making potential evidence available.
  • To encourage tourism into the area by communicating that is a safe place to enjoy yourself.
  • To let criminal elements know that the community is working together and that their activities will be monitored by the community.


The Community Awareness Safety Project links storeowners and property owners up with Eagletron Inc. to install a Digital Video Surveillance system which can monitor both inside the property and on the street. Each outside digital surveillance camera will cover 30 ft.; therefore 8 to 10 stores can share the equipment cost. 

The three options we have negotiated with Eagletron Inc. is as follows:

1. Complete DVR with 2 indoor/outdoor vision 
cameras, including cable & installation
$975 $1121.25
2. Complete DVR with 4 indoor/outdoor vision 
cameras, including cable & installation
$1575 $1811.25
3. Yearly Maintenance of DVR and cameras 
(No additional monthly fee)
$85 $97.75

A complete proposal of the system is available for your review. Please contact the following people to register for the program or to learn more about the Community Awareness Safety Project: 

Mr. Tom Lam (CCAA)
Phone: 416-597-2348
Fax: 416-340-7159 

Mr. Peter Lee
Eagletron Inc. / Honson Computer Corp.
Phone: 416-967-9333
Fax: 416-967-4608